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We also offer a cheaper rate with our emerging senior lash stylists, and trainee's, please see online booking for pricing.


 Full set of volume lashes $190

Allow 2 hours 

Full set of hybrid lashes $175

Allow 1 hour & 45 mins 

Full set of classic lashes $150

Allow 1 hour & 30 mins

Full set of natural classic lashes $121

Allow 1 hour & 15 mins

Lash extension removal $35 

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We charge by time, not by refill type. Any of the below times come with your choice of volume, hybrid, or classic lashes.

90 minute refill $147

75 minute refill $128

60 minute refill $105

45 minute refill $89

30 minute touch up $52

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Lash tint, brow tint & tidy $65

Using regular brow tint

Lash tint, brow dye & tidy $70

Using hybrid brow dye for a long lasting skin stain

Keratin lash lift & tint $123

Curling/lifting your natural lashes to make them appear longer 

LABB lift package $175

Lash lift & brow lamination combo

Lash lift, brow wax & tint/dye $155

Your choice of regular brow tint, or hybrid brow dye

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Brow reshape & tint $50

Brow tidy & tint $45

Brow reshape $33

Brow tidy $27

Brow tint $20

Hybrid brows $58

Hybrid dye only $40

Brow lamination $97

The man brow $25 

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Lip wax $20

Chin wax $20

Sides of face $20

Brow tidy, chin wax, lip wax $46

3 facial areas (excluding brow waxing) $42 

Add on brow tidy (to lash extension service) $22

Add on brow tint (to lash extension service) $17

Add on hybrid brows (to lash extension service) $45

Add on lip wax (to lash extension service) $17

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