Our policies

Cancellation policy 

Appointments cancelled with 8 hours or less notice of appointment will incur a 50% late cancellation fee. Appointments cancelled within 2 hours of the of appointment, or a no show, will incur a 80% no show fee. 


Booking fee on appointments 

Some of our appointments require a booking fee, these are strictly non-refundable, however if more than 8 hours notice prior to appointment is provided, booking fee will be reverted into a credit to be used on any future appointment or products.


Changes to your appointment on the day

If you require any changes to your appointment, VELT must be notified at-least 8 hours before your appointment. If an appointment is shortened/modified at the time of appointment, you may be charged the original reserved price.


No Children policy 

Velt has a strict no babies or small children policy, this is to keep both our clients, their children and our staff safe.

We want to do everything we can to avoid any hot wax or sharp tweezers falling onto either our clients or their babies, and avoid anything being pulling off a shelf like wax pots, scissors, etc.

This also allows our artist's to focus 100% on you and your lashes/brows. It can be difficult for our artists to stop and start, or watch any little ones while doing your services to our precise standards, and we only want to give you the best results!

To further explain the safety side of this, here are a couple of examples:

Our brow chairs sit in an upright position where we do most of our brow services. We are working with hot wax, sharp scissors and tweezers, and while we take every precaution possible to not have any wax drip etc, we do not ever want to take the risk of having hot wax drip, or tweezers/scissors dropped and fall on a baby while it is being held.

Another example of putting someone at harm of risk is if the baby cries and the mother looks down, this could verily easily lead to the wax going into the clients eye, or anywhere on the face that the wax should not be applied. If baby (depending on the age) puts their hand up to grab the wax stick etc this then takes the focus of our artist off the client and onto the child. 

We understand this is not ideal for everyone, however we need to do what's safest for everyone. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.


Before coming to your appointment:

Lash extensions - 

Please come with NO eye make up on. 

If you're attending a full set of extensions come with no current eyelash extensions on. As we do not leave time for removal within our full set times.

Have filled out an eyelash extension consent form.

Lash lift - 

Please come with NO eye makeup on. 

Have waited your full 8 - 10 weeks if you have previously had a lash lift done. 

Spray tan - 

Exfoliated & shaved. 

Come with loose clothing to get into after your tan.