Lash extension aftercare

Keep lashes dry for 24 hours

Avoid swimming pools, saunas, facials and excessive sweating for 24 hours.

Styling your lashes

Sometimes your lashes can sit out of place. We suggest brushing them with your lash spoolie each morning. 


We suggest booking your refills every 2-3 weeks. Our salon is booked quite far in advance, so we recommend booking a few refills ahead.

Cleansing your lashes

You NEED to be cleansing your lashes every day, even if you do not wear makeup. This helps your lashes stay clean, and prevents natural oil build up, which equals longer lasting lashes. We have our own cleanser here in store or online for you to purchase.

Lash cleanser  

Touching your lashes

It may be hard for you to not touch your lashes especially if you're new to lash extensions. But try avoiding rubbing your eyes and no picking the lash extensions.