Brow lamination aftercare

Keep your brows dry for 24 hours

Keep the oil we have applied to your brows on for 24 hours. Avoid swimming pools, saunas, facials and excessive sweating for 24 hours.

Keep them hydrated

Elleeplex or brow rescue oil is a must!

Brow lamination involves a chemical process, so to avoid any frizziness & keep healthy hair growth, a nourishing treatment must be used daily.

Elleeplex or brow rescue oil is available in salon or our online store

Styling the brows

They will still need to be brushed into place everyday, however styling them will be a lot easier and their holding power will be much better. We suggest styling them in place while wet after washing your face, let them naturally dry, then they will set that way once dried. Note: a lamination will not stick the brows to the skin, so products may still need to be used to hold them into place.

Book your lami every 8-10 weeks

No sooner than 8 weeks! We suggest booking a regular brow wax and tint or hybrid dye and wax in between for maintenance (4 weeks).


Elleebana Elleeplex-

Brow Rescue Oil-