Keratin lash lift aftercare

Keep lashes dry for 24 hours

Avoid swimming pools, saunas, facials and excessive sweating for 24 hours.  

Styling your lashes

Sometimes in your sleep, you may rub your eyes and your lashes can sit out of place. We suggest brushing them with your lash spoolie each morning after wetting your lashes, then your lashes will sit perfectly when they naturally dry. You can then pop your favourite mascara on.

Keep them hydrated

Elleeplex aftercare solution or Elleevate Lash Lift Mascara is a must!

A lash lift involves a chemical process, so to keep healthy hair growth, a nourishing treatment must be used daily.

Elleeplex or Elleevate lash lift mascara is available in salon or our online store.

Book a lash lift every 8-10 weeks

No sooner than 8 weeks! We suggest booking a lash tint in between for maintenance (4 weeks).

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