The results are in, our top 3 products of 2022 so far!

It's feels like just yesterday we were bringing in the new year, hoping to make 2022 the best year yet! Then we blinked and we are already half way through!

LABB Shop has been up and running all year and we have compiled the top 3 most popular products of 2022 so far! (As voted by your orders)


1. Loving Tan Deluxe Gradual Tan | Dark

This one comes as no surprise because it's perfect for use all year around whether you are trying to extend the life of your 8 hour tan, achieve a subtle glow in the cooler months or enhance your natural sun tan.

Best applied as you would a moisturiser on clean, dry skin.

Bonus tip: Apply using a clean tanning mitt to prevent your hands absorbing the tanning agent (DHA)!


2. LABB Lash Cleanser & Brush

If you've got lash extensions then you will understand why this one has made the list!

Skin products, makeup, dust and pollutants can all build up in your lashes. So you've gotta wash your lash extensions every single day! This will keep them fluffy, give you better retention between fills and stop nasty bacteria from living in your lashes.


3. Loving Tan Platinum Tanning Mousse

This one was only released at the end of February 2022 and it still has been one of our most popular tans!

The darkest in the Loving Tan range this was designed specifically for those who want maximum results from their tan. It's a beautiful natural, rich, olive tone and will take your glow on a return trip to the Bahamas overnight!