How to make your self tan last your whole holiday...

So you've got two events coming up that are just days apart, or maybe you've booked yourself a much needed 10-day holiday and you want to be tan for the whole trip!

You've got what feels like 2 options, the first is to attempt to scrub it all off and start again, but you know that it won't fully come off your ankles and elbows leaving you patchy...

We get it, we've been there and that's why we always recommend option #2, it's much more on the side of caution and gets you dark, even, lasting results!

MEET GRADUAL TAN (your new bestie),

These results are tan day EIGHT! This deep natural tone is thanks to Three Warriors gradual tan.

But how does it work?

Firstly, you want to start by tanning as you normally would, whether that's with your favourite mousse or a professional spray tan.

Then from day two or three onwards apply your gradual tan of choice in place of your moisturiser.

Pro tip: apply with a tanning mitt so that your hands remain even and don't go too dark!

Gradual tan is a moisturising lotion that contains a low level DHA (Dihydroxyacetone).

DHA is a colourless, sugar compound that is the working ingredient in your self tan products and is responsible for creating the perfect amount of glow.

This means your bottle of gradual tan contains the right amount of moisture for your skin to glow as well as the key ingredients needed to 'top-up' and extend the life of your tan.

More reasons to love Gradual Tan:

- Buildable and consistent application creates and even, smooth tan

- Made in Australia (Three Warriors and Loving Tan)

- Can be used throughout Summer on top of a natural tan to enhance