3 Top Tips for Long Healthy Hair

It can feel like an uphill battle trying to get your hair to grow. Or as soon as you feel like you're starting to get somewhere the ends are all brittle and split and you end up cutting off all of that progress you made!


Well we're here to tell you it really doesn't have to be that way, check out our top 3 tips for long, healthy hair!


Georgie Mane Hair


1. Your hairdresser is your new best friend, because you'll be seeing a bit of them this year!

Jump on right now and book yourself regular haircuts 8 - 10 weeks apart. This is one of those ones where you ask for the bare minimum off the ends and it will make the best difference in your hair.

Your hair grows from the root, not the end. So you need to keep those ends fresh, neat and tidy. If you start going too long between haircuts the damaged hair will continue to split higher and then you will end up with ends that are thin, dry and snapping. So you cut off inches instead of centimetres.

Regularly break up with your damaged ends so they aren't a bad influence on the rest of your hair.


2. A leave in moisturiser is so much more than just that!


Leave in moisturisers are like a multi-miracle product to detangle, smooth, hydrate, protect from heat, add shine and prevent damage to your hair.

By applying a leave in product like Georgie Mane's Anti Frizz Serum to damp hair each time after you wash it or before applying heat you will save your hair so much stress.

A few other ways to prevent damage to your hair include only using a wide tooth comb when wet, never a brush and when you do brush your hair when it's dry, start from the ends and work your way up to gently release the tangles.


3. Invest in a hair care range that works!

Georgie Mane 10 Minute Hair Mask

You want results from the products you use every day. The Georgie Mane range is formulated to help you achieve thicker, longer hair. By protecting, repairing, and encouraging growth.

These little bottles of goodness are a basic 4 step routine that won't take much longer than your current one. 

By replacing your conditioner with the hair mask you will bring your hair closer to it's natural PH level and smooth that cuticle down further.